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Welding Stress Relief Equipment


Hawking welding stress relief equipment

Hawking welding stress relief equipment is Huawin introduction of Ukraine’s military technology,and access to national patent in China.

The advantages Hawking welding stress relief equipment:

It's the best aging method that can completely eliminate the welding residual stress and produce the ideal hitting stress(others aging methods to eliminate the residual stress of the situation as follows:30-50% of VSR,40-80% heat aging,80-10% hawking aging).

Fatigue strength of welding joints increased 50-120%,fatigue life extended 5-100 times.corrosion resistance increased about 400% in corrosive enviroments.

It’s can complete replace the heat aging and VSR aging,the process simple and the result is stable and reliable(it can be used everywhere,everytime,every process,vert easy to use)

Hawking aging method can be used without considering the material,shape,struture,plate thickness,weight,place,especially easy to use at the construction site,the welding process and welding repair to eliminate the welding stress.

Can make the remain height,pits,undercut into Arc,and reduce the stress concentration factor.

Can eliminate the micro-cracks and slag defects of weld-toe,inhibiting the advanced initiation of crack.

As Hawking eliminating stress treatment can also improve the several factors of weld fatigue,for example,residual stress,micro-crack,weld toe geometry and surface hardening,so the Hawking aging method is the best way to improve the fatigue of weld toe,it’s the multiplier way.

Especially for the large-scale structure of the eliminating the stress treatment,for example,the site weld,high or low at the weld and repairing the weld seam.

Environmental protection,energy saving,safety,noe-polluting,and very easy to use at the constuction site.

Item HY2050 HY4050 HY4030
Rated frequency(KHz) 20 40 40
Max output amplitude(μm) 50 30 50
speed(m/h) 20-40 20-40 20-40


Classical cases of Hawking welding stress elimination.
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