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Metal Cleaning Agent


Product brief description

INNER CL series of cleaning agents adapt to modern metal processing technology and stringent environmental requirements,it’s a environmentally friendly cleaning agent absolutely. It has got EU ROHS environmental certification, with superior cleaning ability, as well as short-term anti-rust function. All the models are suitable for a variety of manual, mechanical, ultrasonic and room temperature cleaning. Because of its superior cleanliness, environmental protection, replacing oil with water, save energy and reduce cleaning costs and other advantages, it is the first choice of surface cleaned.


This series is suitable for all kinds of metal parts and machining operations cleaning, washing car, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, textiles, electrical machinery and equipment in areas such as disassembly, repairment, and maintenance process of gear oil, bearing grease and other stubborn cleaning of oil, it attached to the metal, non-metallic objects of various oil contamination has a strong cleaning ability. Replace the traditional gasoline, kerosene, diesel, trichlorethylene and other organic solvent cleaning method, surface cleaning of various parts of the product of choice.


Environmental protection Get EU ROHS environmental certification, completely biodegradable, improve working conditions, in line with national environmental requirements;

super strong Super strong cleaning ability, the ability of Decontamination reach more than 99%, integrated washing ability up to 98%;

Safety tasteless, non-combustible and non-explosive, no corrosion for the skin and equipment; easy and safe operation of transportation, storage, cleaning;

Low foam low foam even no foam, dissolved completely, long life, easy to rinse, no corrosion t o the substrate;

Anti-rust Has good short-term anti-rust after the parts cleaned ,it meets short-term anti-rust requirements after cleaning;

Save energy replacing oil with water, reduce costs, save energy, the costs is 1 / 60 of kerosene.

Classification of Inner cleaning agent

INNER CL801 Save energy,room temperature cleaning agent;
High efficient, with superior cleaning power for the mineral oil;
Safe and non-toxic,no side effects to human,No irritation on the skin;no atmospheric pollution; no effect on emissions;
Non-corrosive, no corrosion to all kinds of various metals, rubber, glass, enamel, etc.
Good anti-rust, 2-5 days anti-rust under normal concentrations,the higher the concentration,rust-proof as possible.
White Solid Powder Various of equipments,machinery parts and rolling shaft cleaning and assembling,it’s suitable for other parts, shop floor, work-surfaces, civilian kitchen, glass, Ceramic tile. Manual in room atmosphere
INNER CL802 Spray pressure in room temperature
INNER CL803 It is made with Mainly compound surface active agents, organic anti-rust inhibitors, defoamers, preservatives and other additives,no composition for example Sodium nitrite;
Strong cleaning ability for all kinds of metal,good anti-rust,low foam or no foam,safe and no-toxic,no stimulation on body,
does not contain sodium nitrite and other ingredients have side effects on the human body;
The product of a variety of metal materials oil cleaning ability, anti-rust performance, a small bubble or no bubble,safe non-toxic,no stimulation of the human body;
The main technical parameters were significantly better than the standard [JB4323-99] of the technical requirements, the overall performance reached the international advanced level.
Yellow Transparent Liquid Machinery manufacturing and other industries. 55-60℃
High-pressure spray
INNER CL804 Suitable for various of materials ultrasonic cleaning process heating. 55-60℃
ultrasonic 3-5%
INNER CL805 An efficient multi-purpose cleaning agent at room temperature;
It is made with Mainly compound surfactant, non-toxic anti-rust agents, and various additive;
Can effectively remove the oil of the surface of all kinds of metal and other materials;
without side effects to body, no skin irritation,no atmospheric pollution, no effect on emissions, biodegradable.
Clear Transparent Liquid Suitable for manual, mechanical,ultrasonic and other cleaning process in room temperature. Also for various of metal and nonmetal parts’ the surface cleaning;also be used for floor,table,glass, kitchen,ceramic and other oil cleaning. Below 55℃
pressure spray
Manual in room atmosphere
INNER CL806 special cleaning agent for aluminum,cast iron,good to anti-rust paint,no paint stripping phenomenon;Strengthen the anti-rust performance,solve the alloy prone to white,yellow robe,tears and other issues Thoroughly;
Cast Iron anti-rust period for 15 days, aluminum, magnesium alloy more than 1 month.
Clear Transparent Liquid Suitable for aluminum, magnesium alloy,ductile iron with a rust parts, suitable for manual,mechanic and ultrasonic in room temperature cleaning process. Below 55℃
Pressure spray
Manual cleaning in room atmosphere
INNER CL807 Precision instruments, mold cleaning agents,it is the cleaning agent in room temperature,the performance  reached the world advanced level,security,non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin,easy biodegradable,non-flammable and non-explosive. Clear Transparent Liquid Suitable for precision instruments, molds and metal parts of high-grade mechanical grease,anti-rust oil, natural cleaning grease, also can be used to cleaning heavy oil,it can replace kerosene,gasoline and other solvent-based cleaning agent. In room atmosphere cleaning

Mainl indicators

PH,805-9.5;cleaning ability≥99%(65±2℃)

The impurities and oil after cleaning is no longer deposited on the surface of the part.

Mainl indicators

Can be used by diluted according to a certain proportion and stired and melt.

Diluted according to the different objects and oil.

When choose the heating cleaning agent,the cleaning fluid temperature should be controlled from 550C to 650C.


CL801-CL802 -- 20KG/carton

CL803-CL807 -- 20L/plastic barrels,200L/iron drum

Executive standard JB/T 4323-99

Note Sealed and stored in a cool,dry place.

little sediment or suspended solids are normal,shake or stir to dissolve.

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