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Hawking CNC Complex superfinishing machine
Easy to exchange the lathe with the Hawking cutter automatically,improve the production efficiency greatly.Improve the roughness of the workpiece surface signally,the surface roughness Ra value will be not more than 0.2 after processed by Hawking processing…
Hawking Grinding Machine
Grinding,Hawking surface processing and finish turning can be completed in one machine tool.Have the funtions of self-centering and tensioning,therefore,especially suitable for the workpiece machining of weak rigid.No pollution,no removing any material when processed by Hawhing processing…
Hawking Spherical Lathe
Hawking spherical lathe can complete the turning and Hawking surface processing in single procedure,High precision,roundness≤0.02mm,Roughness: Ra<0.2μm,achieve the mirror effect.The sureface microhardness increased by more than 20%…
Hawking Boring Machine
Hawking boring surface processing equipment is perfect combination of Hawking metal surface processing equipment and ordinary boring machine and CNC milling machine.It’s developed as the ordinary boring machine and CNC milling machine can’t get the high smooth finish.the processed workpiece’s roughness will be Ra0.2 or less…
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