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HUAWIN HAWKING CO., LTD was  founded in 1993,It is a high-grade shareholding enterprise of scientific type which meets the international level. The headquarters of the company is located in National High-Tech Development Zone-university science park of Jinan Hi-Tech Development Zone (China-Ukraine) High-Tech cooperation garden.

Huawin Co.,

We are always specialized in technology research of Hawing precision work and the field of residual stress, product transferring and promoting. We also provide significant technology of Hawking superfinishing technology and complete solutions of residual stress measuring and integrated solution. Our products include VSR equipments, Hawking welding stress eliminating equipments, residual stress detector, Hawking superfinish equipment, cutting fluid, antirust oil and cleaning agent, etc. Huawin company has been proved to be a professional research manufacturer with the world’s longest production line in the field of residual stress.

Hawking superfinishing technology can improve 3-level roughness which can obtain mirror surface even on the ordinary machine tool.

HUA WIN CO., has been qualified with ISO9000 and CE,the products always been used in the field of aviation,space,ship,military,raiway,machine tool,ore machine and so on and the products were exported to all over the world,especially to Europe,American,Asia.

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