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Hawking Superfinishing Technology(Spherical)




Brief description:
1.Reach surface quality below Ra0.1 easily.
2.Suitable for different diameter spherical.
3.Suitable for all kinds of materials,like carbon steel, aluminum alloy,copper,ect.
4.Improve the micro hardness,fatigue life,efficiency,wear-resistance,and corrosion-resistance greatly.

The pricinple of Hawking superfinishing machine:
Use characteristic of metal cold plasticity in the normal temperature and apply
Hawking superfinish cutterto grind the surface without any abrasive so as to
reacg desirable roughness,this process just like ironingclothes;at the same time,
this process create ideal hitting stress which can improve the surface roughness,
micro hardness,wear resistance,fatigue strength and life.

The process of Hawking superfinishing machine:
Firstly,make the workpiece basic processed in the general purpose machine,then apply
Hawking superfinishing cutter again,the roughness will reach less than Ra0.1 easily,
just like ironing the clothes,a kind of hitingstress created on the surface at the same
time,the mico hardness will be improved more than 20%,the wear resisitance will be improved
greatly and the life will be improved 5 ~10 times.


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