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The Advantages Of HK2009 I VSR


The advantages of eliminating stress of HK2009 I

The VSR technology of China is the most advanced technology in the world’s.

Use the special frequency conversion,high speed and resistant vibration AC motor.

10.4 inch large LCD screen.

More powerful functions,there are seven functions,three dimensional aging effect,automatic aging effect,manual aging effect,full scanning,partial scanning,setting effective,saving files.

Improve 40% than DC VSR on eliminating stress.

Lower faults.

Wider frequency range of aging.

Independent intellectual property rights in Chinese.

Main models: HK2009 I B1 /  HK2009 I B2 / HK2009 I B3

Pecification of eliminating stress of HK2009 I
Item / model HK2009IB1 HK2009IB2 HK2009IB3
Max centrifugal(KN) 20 30 50
Speed(rpm) 12000 10000 6000
Max treat weight(T) 15 50 500
Steady speed precision(rpm) ±1 ±1 ±1
Rated voltage(V) 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Output power(W) 1500 2200 3000
Power frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
Exciter weight (Kg) 20 30 42


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