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Metal Cleaning Agent
INNER CL series of cleaning agents adapt to modern metal processing technology and stringent environmental requirements,it’s a environmentally friendly cleaning agent absolutely. It has got EU ROHS environmental certification, with superior cleaning ability, as well as short-term anti-rust function.
Anti-Rust Oil
According to the workpiece size and shape, take variety of different methods of oiling (such as brushing, dipping, machine spraying, electrostatic spraying, etc.),uniform oil coating to increase corrosion protection, can be used throughout the year directly.
Metal Cutting Fluid
The rape oil is used as the base oil, then product unique squeeze agent, anti-scuff agent, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant through complex process. These unique base preparation made INNER cutting fluid to show excellent lubricity,cleaning, abrasion resistance, extruded resistance, strong energy of load and antiblastic eviroment.
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