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HC21B Magnetic Measurement Method Of Stress Detector


HC21B magnetic measurement method of residual stress detector Description

The instrument uses the precision sensors and high precision measuring circuit,the permeability will be change into electrical signals,the output current(or voltage) value will show the change of stress value,and the data will be calculated by computer that equipped with specific software and get the stress value direction,trend and measurement.

The main technical specification of the HK21B magnetic detector of residual stress measurement method

shows the range: -19.99 ~ +19.99 mA

Resolution Ratio: ≤ 1Mpa

Measurement error: <25Mpa;

Measuring depth: Z = 0 ~ 5mm (optional)

Stability: 1% Fs (full range)

Working voltage: 220v ± 10%.

Basic error: ≤±0.15%

Zero drift: ≤2με/h


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